5 Ingredients To Look for in Anti-Aging Products

Don’t waste money on wrinkle creams that won’t get you results. Here are some line-plumping ingredients you should be looking for:

1)      Alpha Lipoic Acid: Alpha lipoic acid promotes healthy cell function, improves skin’s radiance, and minimizes large pores and surface imperfections. Try Nicholas Perricone’s Nutritive Cleanser ($39; www.perriconemd.com) twice a day.

2)      Retinol: An animal form of vitamin A, retinol stimulates new skin cell turnover. Use Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Filler from Ageless Intensives ($19; shop.neutrogena.com) at night.

3)      DMAE: When applied to the skin, DMAE tones and strengthens the muscles behind the face, thereby preventing sagging. Try Nicholas Perricone’s High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift ($98;  www.perriconemd.com) in the morning. Consumer study results showed that 80% of users of the product saw improvements in the appearance of wrinkles. Be sure to moisturize after using it.

4)      Peptides: Moisturizers with peptides stimulate collagen to visibly reduce deep wrinkles. Use peptide-packed Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer, SPF 15 ($30, www.smashbox.com) for the double benefit of coverage and wrinkle reduction.

5)      Vitamin-C Ester: Vitamin C contains an essential fatty acid derived from Palm Oil, firming skin’s appearance and smoothing its texture. Pat Nicholas Perricone’s Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum ($55; www.perriconemd.com) gently under eyes morning and evening.

Tip: Be sure to give anti-aging creams four months to work before you try another product. A recent article in Health Magazine said skin takes approximately four months to regenerate collagen and elastin.


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